Diploma project Starring uses contemporary approach to react to porcelain figurines theme. Subjective ideals and heroes are described within the motif with their similarities and differences.

The collection consists of 12 porcelain figures (scaled 1:8), a combination of real people, book and TV show characters. I created this collection to reflect my views of the people and characters I admire for specific positive qualities.

Among the figures you can find a diverse group of personalities consisting of for example a pilot from a german TV show a real life pilot Amelia Earhart, czech singer Jaromir Nohavica, Capt. Benjamin Franklin Pierce AKA Hawkeye from the famous TV show MASH, Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple computers, loved and hated by so many, but undeniable a brilliant creative mind of our century, Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, creation of sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the current pope, pope Francis, J. R. R. Tolkien, creator of an incredible universe and the last, but not least my teachers, who guided me trough my studies an taught me a lot.

Each of these people influenced and inspired me personally in some way and I made their sculptures in porcelain (packaged as superheroes), because I think, that for the whole today’s society as well as for an individual it’s important to have a positive role models, someone to look up to and to learn from their successes, but also from their mistakes.

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